Cassel Taxidermy has also partnered up with the famous Antlers Restaurant, tending to and slowly restoring their massive taxidermy collection.

Here at Cassel Taxidermy, there is not much we can't do. Not only are we licensed by the city and state, but also at the federal level, allowing migratory birds (ducks/geese) to be mounted. We are fully equipped to take on the smallest of critters, like weasels and squirrels, as well as the largest elk or big horn sheep.

When it comes to taxidermy, I am never content. I strive to improve skills, hone in certain techniques, and produce top quality pieces. I accomplish such goals partially through the Michigan Taxidermist Association (MTA). This great organization is composed of many talented taxidermists throughout the state. Through this organization, we help one another out by sharing tips, techniques, and tricks to improve our work. Once a year, the MTA holds its state competition where taxidermists gather to enter pieces. Although we are competing, we are also learning from the one-on-one critiques give by world champion judges.

Greetings. My name is Nick Cassel, owner and taxidermist of Cassel Taxidermy here in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Like most taxidermists, I am an outdoor enthusiast. I love to hunt, fish, and enjoy the great outdoors. But one thing separates me from the rest. Taxidermy is not my's not my's my passion. I wake up everyday and think "What do I get to mount today?" Every mount I produce contains this passion I speak of, and with this passion comes high quality. Producing high quality taxidermy at fair prices is a standard here at Cassel Taxidermy, and always will be. If you are looking for the "Cheap Guy", you've found the wrong taxidermist. But if you are looking for a taxidermist producing quality work, containing great customer service, and passionate about what he does, you've come to the right place.