Animals coyote sized and smaller should not be skinned or gutted. Either freeze immediately in a plastic bag or bring the specimen to Cassel Taxidermy. Please call for specifics on bears. You must produce and display proper licencing for your animal upon delivery to Cassel Taxidermy.



REPRODUCTION MOUNT INSTRUCTIONS: Take pictures as soon as possible to capture the true colors of your fish, or any unique markings or patterns. Quickly take a total length measurement from tip of the nose to end of the tail. And a girth measurement, measuring the circumference of the fattest part of the belly. Slowly place the fish back into the water allowing it to become re-acclimated. Bring photos and measurements to Cassel Taxidermy.

SKIN MOUNT INSTRUCTIONS: Do not gut your fish. Bring the fish immediately to Cassel Taxidermy or wrap in a wet towel, place in a plastic bag, and place in the freezer. Make sure all the fins are flat against the fish's body. 


* Field care tips provided by McKenzie Taxidermy Supply*


Start by gutting the animal as usual, but stop the incision at the start of the sternum. Make a circumference cut around the animal at this point. Slit the skin around the legs, just above the knees. An additional slit will be needed from the back of the leg and joining the body cut behind the legs. Next, peel the skin up the neck to the head juncture and sever the head, separating the cape, head, and antlers from the body. Bring this to Cassel Taxidermy immediately, or roll up and freeze. If you do not feel comfortable performing this task yourself, please contact Cassel Taxidermy to make arrangements.  * You must have the kill tag attached to the antlers upon delivery to Cassel Taxidermy. NO EXCEPTIONS

Do not gut the bird. Bring to Cassel Taxidermy or freeze it in a plastic bag, being careful not to damage feathers, especially the tail. If the bird's tail feathers do not fit in the bag, do not bend them. Let them stick out of the bag and tie the bag loosely around the bird. If the species is a migratory bird (duck/goose), you must present your duck stamp to Cassel Taxidermy upon processing.


  • Always have appropriate tags with your trophies when you bring them to Cassel Taxidermy. Un-tagged specimens will not be accepted!

  • Pets are not excepted at Cassel Taxidermy.

  • Canadian customers, to obtain an export permit to bring your trophy into the U.S, please contact the MNR as soon as possible, as this process may take several weeks.

  • Songbirds, eagles, hawks and owls are protected by Federal Law and cannot be mounted without special Federal permits.

  • Feel free to call with any questions.